Case Study: Pitch Video


Entrepreneur, Robert Grzeszczuk, wanted a pitch video for his start up, In Context, to better represent his concept to investors and for use with his Texas Medical Center Accelerator submission.


An under two minute video was created that focused on the company’s core message points. Visuals and “B-roll” footage filmed at a hospital reinforced the message and added impact.


In Context was accepted into the Spring, 2017, Texas Medical Center Accelerator. As well, Robert was able to utilize the pitch video at various conferences along with sending it out to investors to peek their interest. Based on the success of Robert’s pitch video, Trans / Seven Studio set up a video pitch service with Station Houston to assist other start up ventures in filming their stories.

Your video was a big hit at HIMSS last week–received a lot of positive feedback on it, including from TMCx staff, who tend to be pretty jaded.

– Robert Grzeszczuk


Two weeks



– Two minute script prep

– Under 10 graphic visuals

– Half-hour of on-camera filming with teleprompter and professional lighting at Trans / Seven studio

– Color Grade

– Editing

– Music


$900.00 – $1,600.00

– Full day of shooting “b-roll” at a location using two – three actors

(Location services and actor fees vary)


Karen Snyder  (KYS Realm), MFA, Producer & Cinematographer

Jon Lindgren, Filmed additional B-roll