Jon Lindgren

Trans / Seven team is led by an award-winning broadcast producer, Jon Lindgrenand leading transmedia producer, Karen Snyder (a.k.a KYS Realm), MFA.  They are joined by a range of incredible talent, including up-and-coming students from the University of Houston.

Jon Lindgren is a Producer, Film Maker & Creative Marketing Executive

Jon is 20-year broadcast producer, an award-winning filmmaker, director, and a successful creative marketing executive. He founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company, in 1995. He has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 Tribeca Short Film Festival for his short film, An Everyday Hero, won first place.

He has a proven track-record of mixing entertainment with education to increase viewership. He has received special recognition for broadcast education from a FOX affiliate station for producing over 100 educational vignettes geared toward children 6 to 12 years of age. His program received a local 20 rating and 2nd in national ratings for weekday afternoons. His clients have included the national networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS and The Discovery Channel.

For Sportsmen and Versus Channel, Jon produced, directed and shoot a pilot reality series, Fair Game, that went on to become a seven season award-winning success.

In 2015, he founded Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems, a patient education platform that is an internal broadcast system for hospitals that empowers patients for better recovery. He is also the founder of DIREC Educational Programming, a 501c3 non-profit organization which provides, develops and distributes educational broadcast programming for hospitals, schools, and the general public.