Case Study: Marketing Video


Houston Methodist Hospital in Sugar Land Texas sought to create a historical overview video to celebrate the organization’s anniversary as well as leverage the presented vision to encourage current staff and train future staff additions.


A ten minute video was created that involved various staff members relaying parts of the hospital vision and history. The narrative was complimented by footage of real patients, past historical footage, and off-the-cuff video of the staff going about their duties.


At the first viewing, the feedback was instantaneous and involved a lot of clapping and whistling from staff when they either saw themselves at work or someone they liked. Beyond general merriment, being involved in the video brought about a centralized expression of values aligned with the people who bring those values to life on a daily basis. Employee moral was reinforced. Reports from training events highlight that new employees also experience delight and some have commented how they hope to be in a future history compilation video.


Six weeks


$25,000.00 per video

– Ten – Twelve minute script prep

– Under 10 graphic visuals and /or pre-developed animations

– Three days of filming various team members with teleprompter and professional lighting at location

– Two days of filming “b-roll” at a location using five – eight actors (actor fees vary)

– Drone filming of external building / area

– Color Grade

– Editing

– Music

– Voice-over recording


– A large scale animation request will require additional costs based on amount of work requested


Jon Lindgren, Producer & Cinematographer